Elequent wordplay

Mark my words ‘ELEQUENT’ You will have my word on it!

To say it my way (or in any other way; it does matter):
So they say ‘The word is: ‘wordplay’; Elequent, all the way. Mark it, in a way I’d Say: Word up! And up they stay. Up against me, untill the day, that I’ll pay attention to what I say. Stop the ‘Record’, then press ‘Rewind’, again then ‘Stop’. Once back again, press ‘Play’ to hear what I had to say about it being my original wordplay, elequent, still quoting other former Presidents though, like my Daddy. So naturally you could say, it wasn’t mine or my own words expressed to begin with, anyway. Still it seems, at the end of the day, credits will come my way. The press may say different, after all I payed them, so they’d press it on the frontpage of ‘America Today’. To them it didn’t matter that much, as long as I’d pay straight away or at least long before payday, that beautifull day in may. They finally printed my article right under the header ‘MayDay! MayDay! Stop the press! Press Play…’, next to a newsitem about, me, President George www Bush Jr, having lied about keeping prisonars ilegally at Guanama Bay. You may think (and you sertainly may!) that to be the truth, because (Just for the Record) if it were not? I’d say it was so anyway. The question: though, even though and even so, I wrote it myself or just got it of the internet highway and then sold it to the press on ebay and after they published it and stole it back anyway.. Was it all elquent in a sense of wordplay?Air-Castle-Architects-Master-Plan-(B)

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